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Elan SL

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Same race car with less octane than the Elan SLX Fusion, the Elan SL Fusion is plenty sportive for your Sunday drive, but more forgiving and with a slightly broader sweet spot that allows you to rip short turns longer on the same tank of gas.

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The Elan SL Fusion is the true versatile slalom carver. A bit more forgiving than the SLX, this is the ski of choice for hard charging, yet forgiving enough for smooth easy piste skiing. For the extra sportive feel and extreme agility in perfectly connected slalom turns, we used Elan’s innovative Arrow Technology. This innovation employs an arrow shaped layer of titanium that loads extra energy to the edges. A slight rocker profile helps with entry in the turn, while the camber profile keeps you stable stabile. This ski also comes with RST Sidewalls, Laminated Woodcore, and a sheet of titanium. A ski for classic slalom enthusiasts!



Arrow technology is the utilisation of strategically shaped carbon plates and titanium structural layers in the ski that work in harmony to deliver lightning quick response with world class precision and accuracy. A cambered carbon plate is fixed to the ski and acts as a booster that generates power to the tip. An arrow shaped titanium layer gathers and transfers this energy simultaneously, which translates into instant superior edge pressure.