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Elan Amphibio Black Edition

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Amphibio Black Edition is the edge you need to start your morning right on perfectly groomed slopes. Step up your game with the enhanced performance and design found in the carbon reinforced Amphibio Black Edition.

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Amphibio Black Edition claims distinction across the mountain. The ample amount of technology and geometry is reinforced with carbon for a full-package design and performance unlike any other ski. The first of its breed, the Amphibio 4D Technology maximizes every dimension of the ski from construction to shape to graphics. Beginning with a rocker and camber profile that influences a dedicated left and right ski design, the cambered inside edge provides precision, edge grip and stability while the rockered outside edge provides quick turn initiation and smooth transitions. On the front and back of the skis, a dual-shaped titanium construction is applied to create a convex shape in the front of the ski for precise entry into a turn with strong edge pressure, while the concave shape in the rear of the ski allows the skier to quickly exit and control each turn. The timeless and elegant Black Edition graphics complement the skis character with distinction.


Amphibio 4D

Elan’s patented Amphibio 4D technology is the latest evolution in modern ski design. The 4D concept has traditionally flat structural layers in the ski strategically shaped in convex and concave forms in the tip and tail of the ski. This shaped structure concept, combined with the Amphibio profile provides unrivalled all mountain versatility, power and performance.